Fight Your DUI Charge with Maureen Williams

If you or a loved one is facing a DUI charge, it’s crucial to act fast. Maureen Williams stands ready with over 25 years of experience in Illinois, offering personalized defense strategies to face DUI and other criminal charges. She has the expertise and determination to navigate the legal intricacies, providing you with the best chance at a favorable outcome.

Why You Should Call Maureen

  • 25+ Years Fighting DUI Charges:
    Experience counts. Maureen has spent over two decades building defenses for people who were in your shoes. She has witnessed almost every kind of DUI case and knows the strategies that work.
  • A Track Record of Wins:
    Success is not foreign to us; with an impressive 85% success rate, Maureen and her team have a history of winning. That’s results derived from years of focused practice and a deep understanding of the legal landscape.
  • Tailored Defense Strategy:
    Your story is unique, and your defense should be too. Maureen crafts defenses based on the individual circumstances of your case, giving you a personalized strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Insights from Former Prosecutors:
    The team includes individuals who have worked as prosecutors, providing an edge in understanding the tactics the opposing side may use. This invaluable insight means Maureen can anticipate the prosecution’s moves and counter them effectively.
  • We Keep You Informed:
    We maintain a strong line of communication, updating you at every pivotal point of the case. Our approach ensures that you are never left in the dark, helping you to make informed decisions every step of the way.

DUI Cases We Handle

  • First-time DUI:
    A first-time DUI can be a frightening experience. Maureen offers compassionate, aggressive defense to help first-timers navigate the complex legal waters.
  • Multiple DUIs:
    If you’re facing a subsequent DUI charge, the stakes are higher. Leverage Maureen’s experience to fight for reduced charges or even dismissal.
  • Serious DUI charges:
    Serious DUI charges require a serious defense. Maureen employs a meticulous approach to poke holes in the prosecution’s case, defending your rights fiercely.
  • Underage DUI:
    Underage DUI charges have long-lasting effects. Maureen works diligently to protect young individuals’ futures, fighting to prevent a mistake from defining their life.
  • DUIs involving drugs:
    DUI charges involving drugs come with their own set of complications. Maureen’s deep understanding of the law means she can build a strong defense, challenging the evidence and pursuing justice.
  • DUI causing injury or death:
    These are the most severe DUI charges one can face. Maureen and her team approach these cases with the utmost professionalism and empathy, working tirelessly to defend your rights.

    About Us

    For over a quarter-century, Maureen Williams has been a relentless advocate for individuals facing DUI and criminal charges in Illinois. Handling thousands of cases, she has honed her skills to offer premium defense services, always putting your rights and best interests at the forefront.


    I’ve known Maureen Williams for over 5 years and met her at a Trial Lawyers College seminar on trial skills. I’ve worked on her cases and she’s worked on mine. Maureen could have taught the course we attended together and was very impressive. She is an outstanding advocate for her clients. Maureen achieves great results in court because she has such a strong commitment to her clients, and takes the time to really prepare and learn their stories. She really cares about the people she represents and I would not hesitate to send a friend or family member to her for representation.

    Marie McHale Drake

    The Drake Law Firm, P.C.

    Ready to Fight Your DUI?

    A DUI charge doesn’t have to dictate your future. Maureen Williams is committed to fighting alongside you every step of the way, equipping you with the robust defense you need. Take control today by reaching out to Maureen Williams for your initial consultation.